Business Idea
Development Program

For individual students that had an idea on their own and that need support for developing it further, our 1-to-1 development session is a great option.
We offer personalized plans for developing business model foundations and pitching the idea to the market.
The tutoring process is organized online or in USN facilities. It is also possible for students under this Program to join other students’ business ideas or to have more people on their team.
Brainstorming and problem-solving are common exercises in each session, which often leads to a practice of finding idea gaps from different angles and turning it into opportunities.

Team Project &
Startup Support

Students working in groups for developing business ideas, and projects or apply for competitions are welcome to contact us.
Our support consists of a plan to act together with the group to increase their possibilities to go to market with their product or services. That includes organizational structure advice, training, external connections according to the needs, market research, fairs, conferences, and all events that we find possible and that we can reach to help them develop the business.  

Saiyam Marahatta

Business Development Coordinator

Campus Porsgrunn

Shahin Haji Kermani

Startup Business Developer

Campus Porsgrunn