8TWH I 2030


Hey future innovators! Here’s the deal: our region needs more renewable energy, like, yesterday. But there’s a hitch – new businesses can’t thrive without a stable power supply. Plus, we’ve got Mother Nature giving us the side-eye, reminding us to be eco-friendly.

So, here’s the challenge: we’ve gotta amp up our energy game while protecting the planet. But plans for wind and solar power? They’re hitting roadblocks. We’re stuck in a rut, and nobody’s stepping up.

That’s where you come in! Join us at the 8TWh by 2030 Hackathon. Let’s brainstorm solutions, power up our future, and save the planet – all in a weekend’s work. USN students, are you ready to rock? Let’s do this!


The hackathon challenges participants to craft a viable strategy for boosting power generation, aiming to add 8TWh annually to Grenland’s industrial energy supply. Evaluators will gauge proposed solutions based on their factual grounding in various energy sources, as well as considerations like network accessibility and industrial energy utilization requirements. Moreover, solutions must strike a balance, accounting for environmental, cultural, and outdoor lifestyle values through thoughtful trade-offs.


Anyone enrolled as a student at USN is welcome to participate, regardless of their field of study.

📆 Weekend 16.-17. March 2024, interdisciplinary teams are invited to compete from 09:00 Saturday morning until submission at 17:00 Sunday afternoon.

📍USN, campus Porsgrunn. Kjølnes Ring 56, Porsgrunn

The winning group is awarded a cash prize of NOK 50,000. All participants will also receive compensation based on the distribution of a corresponding pot. Food, snacks, and transportation will be provided. 

DON’T FORGET Sleeping gear, laptop, and a positive attitude to deliver on the task.

Submit your application for participation here. We put together groups based on applicants, but it is also possible to sign up for a group you have formed yourself. 

Application Details: Simply fill out the application form by the 1st of March 2024. Confirmation of your participation status will be sent by the 6th of March 2024. Interdisciplinary teams are invited to compete, and you can sign up as a team or as an individual.