SPROUT membership

Sprout USN provides a place for students, researchers, companies and business incubators a platform to find each other. 

Sprout provides service organising business events like hackthons, business lectures etc and market events. 

Student membership

Sprout provides an opportunity for students to become part of the entrepreneurial community.

Are you interested in:
  • attending Sprout entrepreneurial initiatives
  • waiting list for recruitment for a team project of Sprout entrepreneurial initiatives
  • joining one’s idea
  • working on your idea?

Then apply for a sprout membership.

What do you get?

All members receive first-hand information on competitions, incubators, one’s ideas with open collaboration, and campus activities.
If they have an idea themselves, select a specific need, e.g: network; pitch training; industry MVP showcase; or coaching.

Membership price: 50 NOK/Year

Do you want to market your event?

If you need to attract students to your event or advertise something, Sprout makes our social media and website available to you. 


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